Zenith Bank PoS And Mobile Transactions Failed Says Customers


Eseose Cherie

On the 11th of January last month I had a PoS transaction that did not go through and my account was still debited. I have been to the bank to fill out a form, wrote a letter and complained and till now my money has not been refunded. And this is now over one month.

Zenith Bank

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Uwandu Ndedigwe

Zenith Bank PLC has been one of the best banks in the country. The recent policy to replace the male tellers at the bank’s Owerri branch with females is not the best. Permit me to recommend a raise for one Chigozie. One tall and handsome young man. He is an ideal banker. Very hardworking; projecting the good image of the bank.

Zenith Bank

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Oluwatobi Ayandele

I was told about the *966# code by my sister  and I’ve been trying it ever since but never worked for me. I opened Zenith Bank account since 2013. Help out please

Zenith Bank

Plc Kindly confirm if you have SMS alert notification linked to your account and you are using the number to dial to the code and you have airtime on the line. Thank You.


                                          •Peter Amangbo,  Zenith Bank CEO

Celestine Oyinkule Omemu

Hi Zenith.. Please what’s happening to the Zenith Mobile App? I’ve been trying to make a transfer but I can’t even login. Over five hours now. Please what’s going on? Is it my phone or your network? Please I need answers, please.

Zenith Bank

Plc Dear Valued Customer, Kindly clarify the error message you are getting when trying to access your mobile banking app. Thank you.

Folayemi Moore Halima

Please solve your internet banking. Even *966# is not going through!

Zenith Bank Plc

Dear Folayemi Moore Halima , please send us a direct message with the challenge you experienced so we can investigate and advise.

Yusuf Ahmed Damba

I made an ATM transfer from my JAIZ ATM to a wrong Zenith Bank account  instead of my Zenith bank account. JAIZ bank has been trying but Zenith Bank is  showing I-don’t-care attitude. This is one week now. The money is N100,000. Please I  am your customer help me reverse the transaction or credit my Zenith account with the said sum.

Zenith Bank Plc

Hello, kindly channel your complaint to your bank – Jaiz bank – for a recall of funds. Thank you.

Lawal Abimbola Idris

Too bad from you, I used your ATM in Festac on 29th of January but no amount was dispensed but I was debited for the sum of N20, 000 from my account. When I got to the branch in Festac I was told my details have been sent to head office. Till today no reversal and I am already tired of going there every day. Till now all I get is I will get a reversal. Too bad from a bank I used for almost a decade.

Zenith Bank Plc

Dear Lawal Abimbola Idris, Please confirm if you have visited a branch to fill the dispense error form and if yes what branch did you visit, so we can investigate and follow up for a possible reversal

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Grace Ugochi Alexandra Sunday

This is exactly my story, mine is N40,000. Filled reversal form but no reversal yet for three weeks now. All I keep hearing is that they are working on it.

Lawal Abimbola Idris

Zenith Bank Plc , I have done that at Festac Avenue branch, and also written a letter to the branch manager. All my efforts prove abortive.

Zenith Bank Plc

Dear Lawal Abimbola Idris, The dispense error complaint has been forwarded to Festac Branch and it was confirmed that you have been contacted. Kindly provide the necessary details, to the branch for more information. Thank you.

Lawal Abimbola Idris

Thanks for your warmth reply…This problem has been fixed and my money reversed.

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