Graphic: Young Boy Butchered To Death By Hoodlums In Ajah (Video)


Young man butchered to death by hoodlums in ajah yesterday Monday 5th August .

Young man was seen by Globaltake staff in pool of blood, according to source the young man was killed because of the grogginess between two communities ajah and ilaje.

Few month ago ajah and ilaje boys had serious clash which took the lives of some citizen majorly teenagers, the cause of the fight is as a result of a land owned by ajah community for ages, ilaje community is claiming ownership which the other community is not letting go of their ancestral right.

Citizens were seen lamenting for the brutal murder of the young man, thinking they had come to conclusion and were already living in peace, after the government claim ownership of the land for peace to reign.

It is said in the video that ilaje boys are refusing to let go, hence the killing of the young man is a proof and warning to the opponent in the community, Citizen are calling for help from the government before things gets out of hand.

Some of the hoodlums declared war in the community.

See Video below:

One Killed, Many Were Injured During A Fight In Ajah