Wrong Reason People Have ***!


1. SHE DIDN’T DRESS WELL SO I HAD TO SLEEP WITH HER. That’s nonsense! Will you sleep with a badly dressed mad woman with a double barrel gun? You had sex
with her because you lack self control, period!

2. I HAD SEX WITH HIM BECAUSE WE HAD CHEMISTRY! And when the Biology happens, you start reading Economics to take care of the baby, you are simply not serious!

Prostitutes also appreciate men for paying for their meals and bills. What’s the difference between you both?

4. SHE ASKED ME FOR SEX. What happened to your mouth? Can’t you open it and say a clean clear No? Nonsense!

5 HE ALWAYS ASK FOR SEX. So what? Men will always ask you for sex, stop making a big deal out of it. Simply say NO and walk out on the son of Satan!

6. HE IS MY FIANCE. So what? Has he married you? What if he dumps you tomorrow? you become a used and dumped!
*Let me ask you this!*
How many guys do you want to have sex with in your life time?

7. WE SLEEP TOGETHER ON THE SAME BED BECAUSE SHE IS MY FIANCEE. You are a thief! You are stealing sex from someone whose bride price you have not paid. Will you be happy if some man you do not know “service” your daughter in darkness without showing you honour as a father?
No bride price, no wedding, nothing, except a portruding tummy, few months after she met you. You throw the innocent father into perpetual shame forever! You deserve to
be flogged!

8. I AM NOT A VIRGIN. And so? That is not an excuse to jump from bed to bed like a frog!

9. MY FIANCE’S FAMILY WANTS ME TO GET PREGNANT BEFORE WE GET MARRIED… So you disobeyed God to please a family who have no single respect for God and His word because you want to wear a wedding ring!

Welcome, the devil himself is already your father-in-law!

10. IF I DON’T GIVE HIM SEX, HE WILL MARRY SOMEONE ELSE. So you are nothing but a sex toy or sexual machine to him? No value whatsoever for your personality, talent, dream and vision. Come on girl, where is your brain? Use it and get out of that sick relationship!

These and more are the wrong reasons people have sex today and get battered and broken when the relationship eventually hit the rocks.

Relationships built on pre-marital sex don’t last. Even if you marry each other, one or both of you is prone to committing adultery thereby jeopardizing the peace and love in your marriage.

Avoiding pre-marital sex is the smart choice you will make. It helps you build the self control you need to succeed in life and marriage. Say NO to pre-marital sex and start your life on the foundation of purity, godliness and virtue

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