NY Woman Infects Over 40 Men with HIV Virus Because She Was Raped As a Teen




According to reports, Gabriel Lewis went down to the station to make a report against herself telling officials, “I buried the good girl in me and became a real bad b*tch, that’s what they all wanted”. When questioned by police, Lewis then proclaimed, “My goal was to infect as many as possible”she explained.

The mother of Lewis came forward to reveal the real reason why her daughter may commit such an act on humanity. She was quoted, “My daughter was fiercely raped at the age of 15, by two men while she was at her friend’s house. Six months later, she was tested positive for HIV. Ever since that incident, her whole demeanor changed. She could not live with herself anymore.”

When speaking with Lewis, she said, “the pain of knowing her fate was unbearable, and she just couldn’t face the world anymore – so as her life became a mess her only joy was to make all men who she came into contact with pay. The price is death for ruining my life”.

Wow…smh….there are so many things wrong with this story. Being raped at 15 is horrible but why take it out on 40 plus innocent men? And why were all those guys she was having sex with not using condoms? This story is just another perfect example of why it’s so important to practice safe sex people. African Americans are the racial/ethnic group most affected by HIV. Please, wrap it up folks or risk ending up a statistic!

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