Why Students Love Apple

Why Students Love Apple

Because when you go into a college you see this:

You see that everyone has a Mac. You are beginning to think that Macs are the way to go for college. Then you see an ad.
This creates the mentality that Macs are cool and that they are amazing machines. From the Apple ad and the real life example, you begin to associate Macs with youth and school.

Your parents will buy anything so that you are successful.

Just ask them for a MacBook and they will probably buy it since they have already put so much money into your college experience.

Once you buy a Mac, you become one of them

From there, the next generation of high schoolers about to go to college see the same scenario and buy a MacBook.

Once they get into the real world, they buy computers that fit their needs more. But, in college, they will buy a Mac because everyone has one and they are cool and trendy.

There is a reason you don’t see many Mac ads. Apple has ads built into so many youthful activities.

Netflix originals use Macs. Schools use Macs. Writing software is better on Macs so you see writers in coffee shops on Macs. etc.