Why Men Love Curvy Ladies


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is a common saying but now I think some “extras” actually bring out the beauty in ladies.
In earlier times, the skinny girls always bragged about their body structure because of their being portable and ability to do anything without getting tired on time as compared with their curvy counterparts.
Now, plumpy ladies are becoming more preferred because of what they “carry”, which the skinny ones do not possess.
As an observer, i have been able to gather facts on why men love what the curvy ladies possess.
Here are the reasons:

1. Soft texture
When some parts of the curvy women are touched, there is this soft sensation that accompanies it. Besides, there is this satisfaction and warm comfort that arises when a curvy woman is touched. No wonder, some people refer to them as “room and parlour’ because there is no need of pillows neither is there any cold when you are with one.

2. Attractive
Curvy women are highly attractive and considered to be well-fed. There is something about their shape that catches the eyes of the opposite sex especially when the woman knows how to wear clothes that accentuate those curves.


3. Fertility
Fertility has always been associated with big br*asts and wide hips, thereby making the curvy woman a better mate than the slim ones. Women with curves are said to be great on bed and good in child bearing.

4. Maturity
During puberty, a girl becomes a woman. In this period, she develops fats in her br*asts and hips giving her this womanly appeal and matured glow which makes them look more feminine than their skinny counterparts. Skinny girls are generally seen as tomboys and immatured.



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