What to do instead of taking a break from your relationship


Taking a breaks is not an option in your relationship

When people seek to take breaks from their relationship, it’s either because the relationship has lost its spark, become too stressful or become filled with unbearable, negative energy.

Sometimes, taking a break could be due to a nagging issue that just won’t go away, and has degenerated to a regular cause of squabbles, thereby necessitating that the couple takes some time apart to clear their heads and consider their options

With every relationship, a multitude of ups and downs are almost guaranteed to come along. The honeymoon stage is an exhilarating phase the first few months. However, as things start to wind down and become more serious, more questions will pop up, especially questions concerning the future. As difficulties begin to arise and you tend to see more flaws, more arguments may come your way and some couples tend to start questioning everything. While some may consider taking a break, here are a few things that you and your partner could do before you decide to do something big.

1. Space

Space isn’t so much like a break. A few days away from one another wouldn’t be so awful. Both of you just need a breather from one another, constantly being around the other while things are a bit tense isn’t the best thing. Yes, I know you want things to work out, but both of you, take a breather.

2. Reflect on Yourself

Sit down with yourself and have a long thinking session. Whether its in the shower, while watching E! News, or eating dinner. Anytime, anywhere…think to yourself. Think about what it is that is making these issues happen. Are you truly not happy or is it something small that both of you guys can actually fix, but aren’t thinking straight to fix it?

3. Vent! 

This is what friends and family are for! Vent everything out to your mom, your best friend, your dad, grandma, anyone you are close with. Just remember they will give you advice, and some advice won’t be so great and some will. Also remember to take your own advice too because this is YOUR relationship. However, since no one can properly determine what to do in your relationship, those you vent to can only help out and give their experiences and how they handle things.

4. Think Positively 

The most important thing to do is to think positive when in tough situations. Believe me, I can be pessimistic, but when I think positive I feel so stress free. Think of all the good things about your relationship: the funny, loving moments and all the laughs you share with them. Thinking of all the negative things will just bring you down. Build up the positivity, it could get you in a good spot.

5. Hang Out with Yourself

I cannot stress this enough. Always have time to yourself. Listen to your favorite songs, watch movies, paint, draw, sing, eat good food, skateboard. Do anything that you like to do when you’re by yourself. Remember that you are your own person and that you have to take care of yourself. Maybe you’ll even learn more about yourself and about how much you’ve grown.

6. The Talk

Finally, after a few chill days, talk to your significant other. Sit down and put everything on the table. Talk about things you both can improve on, things you both can compromise on. Find the gray area in the black and white of your relationship and settle things. Tell them you’re tired of the constant issues and that you want to fix things. Show them that you really want to fix it. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Of course be calm, positive and collected. Show them that you truly care about them, that you love them and that you are willing to make this work. May the chips fall in place and always be strong.