What Does Nigerian Men Think Of Rich And Single Ladies?

What Does Nigerian Men Think Of Rich And Single Ladies?

Gone are the days where women were restricted to the kitchen, farms and ‘the other room’. African women, especially those in Nigeria, are getting conscious of who they are and what they can achieve. As the days unfold, they make plans on how to make it, career building and living a good life.

The problem now is, a good number of men suddenly feel a certain way when they see a ‘Made’ unmarried lady.

Here’s what our Nigerian brothers think when they see such ladies:


 Whenever a rich and single lady comes around, the first thought that crosses their mind is the Source of her wealth. Their level of curiosity could even push them to know more about her family background, her daily income and if she is promiscous

This is the first thought that crosses their mind because a woman cannot be wealthy on her own so they become curious.  They may ask questions about the lady in question, and if her wealth hereditary, that means her family is a wealthy one, they shrug and move on but otherwise? They begin to doubt the legitimacy of hr income. They may think she sleeps around to get money or other dirty deals.



Most of these thoughts are borne out of envy of this young woman, many don’t even know her at close range but they already assume she’s a proud woman. There is a difference between boldness, courage, confidence and proud. Most African men do not like women that are outspoken, so once they see a woman alighting from an expensive car, a woman that has class, they assume she must be a proud woman and a stubborn one too.


Yea, you expected her to say  ‘hi’ to you and she walks past you, the fragrance of her exotic perfume fills your nostrils, the truth is she isn’t a snub, you are just intimidated and scared to say  ‘hi’. When you cannot walk up to her, you term her a snub.