“We want a video call” Nigerians react to alleged Buhari telephone conversation.


Nigerians are not buying the idea of a long distance relationship with their President, Muhammadu Buhari. Hence, they have rejected the news of Buhari’s phone conversation with the Governor of Kano which became viral last night.

The conversation which was between the president and Governor Ganduje Hellenes during the prayer session organized for the president concerning his state of health.

During the conversation, President Buhari acknowledged and appreciated every Nigerian who has shown concern and said prayers for him. The phone conversation was also aired on Pyramid FM in Kano.

However, some are not buying the report. While many claimed the voice on the other end could have been anybody’s, others claimed they heard nothing in the conversation.

According to some others, it is becoming suspicious that the President would not want to address his people but have his people share photos of him then the phone conversation.

“What happened to a video call?” many asked asking that the President should at least oblige his people with a video call, or a recording of him addressing the nation.

“A voice recording tells nothing” they claimed.



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