Watch Season 5 Episode 9 (Ghost Worker) Of TV Series,’Professor Johnbull’ | Video

Watch Season 5 Episode 9 (Ghost Worker) Of TV Series,'Professor Johnbull' | Video

On this episode titled Ghost WorkerProfessor Johnbull advices job seekers to be wary of the antics of fake job agencies.

The dangers of the phenomenon is highlighted just as its scope is expanded to include real people who are employed but who fail to actually deliver on their jobs.

Professor Johnbull talks about heavy financial losses to ghost workers, idle workers and those who refuse to do the jobs they are engaged to do, and how the money lost in government and ministries could have been spent on other sectors of the nation’s economy.

According to him, “ghost worker” also covers those fake job agencies that advertise fake and non-existent job vacancies with the intention of duping genuine job seekers and applicants.

Watch below: