Want To Live In Malaysia? Here’s What You Should Do


My dad once told me, the three important things that if I follow, I will be able to survive the hardest time in Malaysia.

1.Specialize in a skill or own a business.

2.Turn the backyard of your house into a small farm.

3.Care about the current affairs and the community around you.

My dad was an ex-ISA detainee under the Abdul Razak admistration. He had nothing when he was released from Kamunting 30 years ago. No money. No friend to turn to. He took a train to his parents’ home to begin rebuilding his life.

He have had different jobs for living, before finally settling down on a job which skill is always needed by the public: treating spine and muscle injuries. He is now a traditional doctor who now runs his own clinic.

He grows and also helps our neighbors to grow vegetables at the backyard of our house. We eat what we grow. It helps us to reduce our living cost.

He taught us to be aware of the politics around us, how politics may affect our life, how bad choices in our votes can have far-reaching consequences. He taught not to live a life on solely self-interest.

30 years ago, he had nothing. Now he have 3 children all university graduates. Image result for things to do to survive in malaysiaSome advices might not be applicable to you. But do improvise according to your situation.

If you live in a city, hence do not have a plot of land to grow farm (me too). You can experiment with different ideas to reduce living cost. Be creative. I am toying with the idea of assembling a solar panel.

If your job doesn’t involve specialized skills, try investing sometime to look around and learn an extra skill. If you have a stable job, try planning to start a small biz or have a passive income in the spare time.

If you are a fortunate one who is rich, contribute back to the community by volunteering or donating funds to those who need them. Image result for things to do to survive in malaysiaMalaysia became what she is now because we were selfish. Those voted BN were those rural poor folks neglected by us especially in Sarawak. They did not have a choice but to accept the bribes to live on.

DAP already has some ideas. They are now doing some volunteer work in Sarawak and improving the situation there. I suggest you do the same in the community around you.