Want To Be A BIG Guy In Nigeria? Here Is What You Need

    Want To Be A BIG Guy In Nigeria? Here Is What You Need

    The rate at which people live a fake life is really on the increase. Most take to their ‘gram pages to show off what actually isn’t theirs.

    Anyway, we aren’t bothered about that. We are bent on becoming big from hard work and being focused.

    So you want to be a big boy? Here’s What you need.

    7. A car

    Well, this is a necessity and equally very useful to you, especially when you want to go for an event with your spouse or friends.

    6. An Iphone (5 and above)

    Whether it is broken or not, get one. After all, that’s what is trending but make sure you do not expose the broken part in public.

    5. Girlfriends (at least 2 in different states)

    A big boy without plenty girlfriends, is that one big boy. Don’t just come and die if you can’t handle it.

    4. Pink lips

    The most annoying thing on trend is pink lips. Some Nigerian big guys either use pink lip balm and others go for surgery. If you like it, go for any option above.

    3. Bleaching cream

    Honestly, just like the lip balm, this is also annoying. The sudden transformation overnight is glaring but that doesn’t stop people from doing it, anyway.


    A big guy without beards, is that one a big guy? This is compulsory. You just have to keep it whether it itches you or not but hey… KEEP IT NEAT, PLEASE.


    1. Gucci (designers)

    If you don’t wear Gucci, I wonder! You just have to rock it to be part of the Big guys gang.