UPCOMING EVENT: FashionGHANA Honours & Awards 2018

    UPCOMING EVENT: FashionGHANA Honours & Awards 2018
    Ghana’s prominent fashion blog is celebrating 5 years of documenting Ghanaian and African fashion by launching FashionGHANA honours & Awards 2018.
    The event is set to take place during Accra Fashion Week Chilly Rainy 2018 on both March 30th and April 1st.  Organizers have guaranteed there will be no ‘Pay For Play’ and that the awards will be strictly genuine and authentic. The move was executed to create an award platform that could truly inspire entities in the fashion industry to push hard in fields that will contribute to the growth of the Ghana fashion scene. It was also put forward to expose to the wider world in Ghana and abroad of the who is who in the Ghanaian fashion industry.
    FashionGHANA.com launched December 2012/January 2013, with groundbreaking coverage of fashion across the African continent. In only a couple of years it managed to secure over 1 millions followers on social media with no paid adverts attracting people across the world to take a liking to African fashion and Ghanaian brands. See the nomination categories below and nominate your preferred candidate at www.AccraFashionWeek.org/Nominations
    Best Fashion Designer
    Best Tailoring Brand
    Best Accessory Brand
    Best New Comer Designer
    Best Fashion School/Institution
    Best Fashion Store
    Best Make Up Brand
    Publicity related awards
    Best Fashion Photographer
    Best Runway Photographer
    Best Fashion Blog
    Best TV Show
    Modelling related awards
    Best Dressed Celebrity (Female)
    Best Dressed Celebrity (Male)
    Best Overall Model (Female)
    Best Overall Model (Male)
    Best Classic Model (Female)
    Best Classic Model (Male)
    Best Model Agency
    Best New Comer Model (Female)