Home News UNILAG Student Gets Bouquet Of Dollars From Her Crush (video)

UNILAG Student Gets Bouquet Of Dollars From Her Crush (video)



A female student of Unilag shared a video showing the bouquet of dollars she got from one of her crush. This is in a bid to get the girl’s attention and looks like it was successful.

The girl and her girlfriends were gathered together unraveling and admiring the gifts she got from this crush of hers. He sent her a bouquet of flowers and a hamper filled with goodies.


There was a special box which they all believed contained a shoe. On opening the gift box, the girls screamed as they were amazed at what they found.

It was a beautifully crafted bouquet made with 100 US dollar bills and chocolates wrapped in golden wrappers. On seeing the special bouquet the girl and her friends could be heard screaming in excitement, they could not believe their eyes.


Laila Ijeoma@LailaIjeoma
The Unilag student calls it benefit of being a fine girl. She took several pictures of her gifts and she wrote,

”if you are not trying to get my attention like this, then pls don’t bother.”

See the video of the gifts she got from him including the bouquet of dollars below: