Tyra Banks Replaces Nick Canon as ‘America’s Got Talent’ Host, Fans React


The fans of popular TV show, America’s Got Talent, are not in anyway impressed by Nick Canon’s replacement, super model Tyra Banks.

Fans have anticipated the new host and guessed for several weeks, yesterday, NBC announced that Tyra would be taking the responsibility from Nick. Tyra would be hosting the 12th season of AGT and this news comes just days after actor/comedian Marlon Wayans reportedly declined their offer.

Actor, Nick Canon announced his exit after 7 years on the show sometime in February due to the issues he had with the show’s executives for making disparaging and racial comments about their brand during his stand-up special, Stand Up, Don’t Shoot.

However for Tyra, it was a dream come true! “Since I was a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with grandiose acts and performers who make the seemingly impossible possible. I love how AGT brings that feeling into everyone’s home, capturing the best of people who come out and give it their all to make those big, fierce and outrageous dreams come true.” she said.

The upcoming season of America’s Got Talent is scheduled to premiere sometime in June.

To the fans, NBC fell shot with their selection of Tyra Banks, Twitter went agog over the news;




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