Types of Women To Marry (2)



Have you searched out your woman yet?

If you have, I’m so happy for you but if you have not, calm down and read the concluding part of the ‘types of women to marry’

5. Emotionally Stable – This type of woman understands God gave her emotions and instincts to give man balance. She understands emotions are never used as a decision making tool, because emotions can lead you outside of the will of God. The devil drives us off a cliff using emotions and God gently leads us with wisdom.

6. A Loyal and Patient Woman – She is with you through the good and the bad. She’s there if you’re rich; she’s there if you’re poor (if you have 2 cents, 2 dollars, or 2 million dollars… makes no difference). She is right there cheering you on and helping you to be great. She will not be looking for other men, because all of her attention is with you. She will uplift, support and encourage you.

7. A Woman with Character – This should go without saying, but I will add this (and this type should really be the first thing you consider for any woman). She must be of a woman of good character. Without character, it will be difficult to even build a strong friendship.

Character is what we do when other people are not looking, but God always knows what we are doing (e.g. A woman who will still entertain men, giving out her number to other men, etc… is not serious about a courtship leading to marriage and it speaks to her character). How she will honor and respect the relationship as you grow together when you are not around speaks volumes about her character.

I wish you the best of luck in your Ultimate search for your kind of woman.



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