Two Nigerians Arrested For Fraud In India


Police have arrested two Nigerians in Delhi for defrauding a Hyderabad based Sai Prasad to the tune of Rs 1.5 crore in the garb of sending $ 5.6 million to the complainant for investing the same in business in India.

According to, The arrested Nigerians have been identified as Christ Williams aka Donald and Marshal aka Johnson Peace Obukokwo.

According to the police, it all began with a friend request received by the complainant Sai Prasad on social media network Facebook. The request was purportedly made by one Mercy Francis who claimed to be a soldier of US Army.

She lured Sai Prasad saying that she has a deposit of $ 5.6 million with Red Cross agent Christ Williams and that she wishes to invest the money in business in India and sought the victim’s help.Image result for indian policeNo sooner did he accept the proposal, he received a call from Williams who instructed Sai Prasad to deposit, transfer or pay in cash huge sums of money for completing various processes of transferring the money to his account, police said.

The gang even sent Sai Prasad a credit card in his name and asked him to withdraw Rs 15,000 to make him completely believe that the process of money transfer was genuine. He ended up paying Rs 1.5 crore to the gang before realising that he had been duped.

Later, he approached the police and lodged a complaint. A police team accompanied him to Delhi as the gang asked him to pay another Rs 26 lakh to hand over $5.6 million. Police nabbed Marshal when he arrived at the appointed place to collect money from Sai Prasad. He led the police to the kingpin Williams, who was also arrested.

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Police seized the so-called cash box shown to Sai Prasad claiming that it contained the blackened currency. Police also seized calling cards used by the accused.



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