Tuesday Talk: What Happens When You Hear That Your Crush IS Getting Married?

Tuesday Talk: What Happens When You Hear That Your Crush IS Getting Married?

That moment you hear your crush is getting married, it’s like your whole world comes crashing right before your eyes.

Over here, crush means you have some form of affection or love towards somebody but you’re too shy or scared to tell them. You bottle it in with the hope that one day, things will workout for you two but of course, they mostly never do.

Below is what happens when you hear that person you secretly love and crush on is about to get married.

1. Shock.

You probably knew they were dating but you’ve always hoped things will not work out so both of you can hook up, so hearing that they are getting married can shock you to the bone.



2. Seek Confirmation.

At least you need to confirm that it’s indeed true. It can be such a stressful moment. You check up with their friends, social media, just anywhere you feel you’ll get the confirmation you seek.



3. Cry

Once confirmation is done and it’s true, you have no choice but to shed a few tears.

Tears of joy


4. Contact Them.

You try to get in touch with the person to hear it from their own mouth and with the hope that they’ll tell you it’s not true. This is when you’re not far away.


5. Let Them Know How You Feel.

This is where you let them know how you’ve been feeling about them all this while but nothing more to do now since it’s too late. They assure you of their friendship while you wish them well and let them know you’ll always be there for them.


6. Go Home And Brood A Lot More.

Your sorrows just got reignited. You can’t believe you’ve lost out cos you didn’t open up about your feelings.



7. Decide Whether To Attend The Wedding.

Decision time, do you attend the event or not? Can you stand seeing them exchange vows with their significant other?

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8. Cursing Yourself For Missing The Opportunity

These thoughts lead to you cursing yourself for missing out on that person.


9. Pray Things Don’t Work Out.

Now you get a bit selfish by secretly praying and wishing things don’t work out between your crush and his/her significant other so you can hook up with them.


10. Talk To Friends.

You talk to friends who’ll let you know you messed up by not letting your crush know how you feel.


11. Accept That The Person Is Gone.

You finally get to deal with the situation. You even convince yourself that maybe it’s not love after all.


12. Change Attention.

Now find another object of attraction. Life goes on.