Try These 5 Quick Ways to Motivate Yourself


    Are you feeling less motivated and lazy? Well, we all have those days but something can be done about it.

    I’m giving you five (5) quick ways you can get yourself in the right frame of mind to get things going.

    Bribe Yourself

    This might seem like, what do you mean? It works! Make a deal with yourself by giving yourself something to look forward to. Like promise yourself an ice-cream treat for lunch if you are able to do what you are supposed to do. That doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.

    Listen to Happy Songs

    You can create a playlist that has songs like Pharrel Williams ‘Happy’ and other groovy music to set you mood right. You feel better especially when you mime the songs, do a silent karaoke. Just focus on the good vibes the song is giving.

    Break Down Your Tasks

    Don’t do a work overload, that won’t help you if you feel lazy. Break down what you are to do by taking it gradually, conquer one battle at a time. When you get a small unit of your work done and move on to the next, you won’t realise how much work you’re doing until you are done.

    Stop Focusing On How Far Other’s Have Gone

    You may find yourself in an environment where other people do the same job as you do, since they are more motivated, they tend to have accomplished more. Try as much as possible not to compare yourself to those people. Work at your own pace so you don’t feel pressured in any way.

    Make Your Day Count

    Have a mindset of wanting to make sure you’re super proud of yourself when the day is over. Whatever happens in your day is a result of what you allow, do what is required of you and make your day as productive as you can. Why let yourself feel bad at the end of the day when you can avoid that now?

    Hey!!! Just do what you’ve got to do. No time to waste.



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