Toyin Lawani Reunite With Her Son’s Father For Their Child’s Sake


Toyin Lawani and her son’s father Lord Triggs put up a united front for the sake of their son.

The former couple put their differences aside as they attended Face of ACFR 2019 to support their son Tenor as he launched his new collection.




Even though Lord Triggs blasted Toyin Lawani publicly last year, accused her of a number of things, and said he was only still talking to her because of their son, the serial entrepreneur let go of her hurt for the sake of their son and she advised other women in her shoes to do same.




Sharing a photo of her, Lord Triggs, and their son Tenor, Toyin wrote:


Never let your kids suffer the sins of their father ,We need to let them Grow in love from Both sides ,Regardless of our Differences, which we have to put Aside , parents need to learn this, when you fall out of a relationship,the kids shouldn’t fall out of it too, the kids shouldn’t suffer, when it was sweet the public didn’t enjoy with you, so when it goes bad why involve the public ?‍??everyone has their pain and React to situations differently, so I can’t Dictate how you treat your relationship to you , what I care about is mine?if I start to talk about all my pains here you will Understand what some mothers have to endure, but for the sake of my kids , I will endure the most uncomfortable situations in life just to see them smile and Grow into A loving man who will love and Respect their family ,Social media has taught me a lot of lessons when it comes to Relationships, what ever makes you happy don’t post it, once you do ,your relationship will now be public content ,for them to judge 247, Remember people only know what you show them, I’ve learnt that I can Even have An Entire wedding and not post it, Atimes our Relationships suffer due to fame , fame comes with a price and Atimes the price can affect your loved ones, I am not the type to Respond to Nasty comments about me on social media ,from a formal loved one, especially when there’s a child involved ,I will ignore you till you Get back to your Senses ?we all need to know that when we are upset ,we can write anything just to hurt the other person , Even if they are lies ,the world won’t care and you won’t be able to take it back even if you are sorry ,But you would have given them Room to interfere into your privacy, this is a part of me I don’t show, but I want this to be an Advice to parents out there , make it work for your kids, overlook the pain and be friends ,so your kids can grow in love, if they don’t see love between Their Biological parents, They can never love Anyone Right ? thanks to My Gee @lordmaine2 s Dad @trigg_gramfor always being there to support his son , His presence at Tenors showcase @elegantekids for @officialadaorableGave tenor more Ginger on stage ?love you guys Endlessly


Source Linda Ikeji

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