Toke Makinwa has advised Nigerians To Wake up-We are in a war guys, trouble dey o


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Toke Makinwa,a public figure ,Entrepreneur , Influencer and Media Girl Per Excellence has taken to her Twitter page to express her fears to the Lackadiasical attitude Nigerians are putting up to the present Chaos in the country,Especially Lagosians.

According to her,she can’t even explain how a country filled with so much potential has its citizens living in fear, how did we get here??? Everywhere you look it’s report of violence, kidnapping, injustice etc. we call them bandits but we all know what they are, I am so tired she wrote

She then further advised that Nigerians(Lagosians) should not allow Lagos disconnect them from the rest of the country, we in in a war guys, trouble dey o, the unrest we hear daily is real, lives are taken before our eyes and we are carrying on like nothing, wake up Nigerians, wake up

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