Todd Chrisley And Wife Facing 30 Years In Prison For Fraud


Todd and Julie Chrisley are facing more than 30 years in prison for defrauding banks and the United States Government. U.S. Attorney BJ Pak announced the indictment in a press conference earlier today.

According to the indictment, Todd and Julie Chrisley committed bank and wire fraud to obtain fraudulent loans to fund their lavish lifestyle. The U.S. Attorney alleges the Chrisley’s forged documents to earn millions of dollars in loans. Additionally, the couple failed to file federal tax returns for the income they received from their series “Chrisley Knows Best.”

In a press conference, Pak stated that the Chrisleys falsified bank documents to obtain millions of dollars in loans from multiple lenders. According to the indictment, the documents contained inflated account balances.

Additionally, the indictment accuses Todd Chrisley of directing one of his employees to falsify documents to help him obtain the loans. When Chrisley leased property in California, he allegedly lied to the landlord about his income and assets. Pak says the federal government has mounting evidence that shows how Chrisley altered bank accounts.

Based upon the falsified document, Chrisley obtained a lease for a property in California for his company Chrisley Asset Management. However, Chrisley never paid his landlord and defaulted on the contract.

Also, Todd and Julie Chrisley failed to report any income to the federal government for years while they starred on “Chrisley Knows Best.” The indictment alleges that the couple never filed taxes for years.

In 2017, a media investigation uncovered that the Chrisley’s owed the state of Georgia over $700,000 to the Department of Revenue. During the investigation, his son Kyle said that his father hid money to avoid taxes.

On social media and the reality series, Todd Chrisley presents himself as a wealthy Christian man. His Instagram and Twitter accounts are littered with Bible verses and religious quotes to encourage his fans. He often discusses his Christian beliefs and promotes the idea that despite his wealth, he’s incredibly humble.

In multiple images posted by Chrisley, he reminds fans to stay humble and to focus on others. One quote reminds fans not to focus on material possessions but rather to remain humble.

Todd Chrisley denied the charges against him by the Federal Government. On Instagram, Chrisley shared with fans that a disgruntled employee set him up. According to Chrisley, the employee falsified the documents behind his back. He and his wife deny any wrongdoing.

U.S. Attorney Pak says that Chrisley’s Instagram statement is not accurate. According to Pak, the investigation uncovered numerous documents and communications where Chrisley directed his employees to commit fraud.

In his final statement to the press, Pak said that wealth and fame do not exempt someone from being brought to justice. Additionally, Pak said that the Chrisleys face more than 30 years behind bars for the charges. He said the government would request prison time for all parties involved in the fraud.

Todd and Julie Chrisley are expected to turn themselves in tomorrow. Pak said the couple’s first court appearance would occur later this week.