Things you need to consider before renting a wedding gown


Choosing a dress for your wedding day is quite a decision to make and renting one isn’t off the list.

Choosing wedding dress rental instead of buying a one-time-wear gown is an economical decision that can help a couple trim their wedding budget without trimming their special day. Thanks to options like pre-owned gowns, informal dress choices, and rental options, brides will look stunning in the gown of their dreams and keep wedding costs down.

Saving money on all the items on your wedding planning checklist can be a challenge. The average cost of a wedding these days is well over two million naira, but not all brides have such a large budget. For that reason, some decided to cut costs from their gown by renting instead of buying. I mean, guys have been renting tuxedos for ages, so why not let the bride get her dress for a day, right? Of course, if you want to go this route for either your gown or the bridesmaids’ dresses, take a look at the tips to consider when renting a wedding gown.

1. Availability

Renting is not as popular as buying, and thus, your options might be limited. If you have something super specific in mind, you might not be able to find the design you want available for rent.


This is probably the biggest pro of all, and probably what made you consider renting a wedding dress to begin with. With renting, dresses that were way over budget can suddenly be in the realm of possibility. Renting a dress is a much cheaper option than buying one and often brings wedding dresses that cost four figures into three instead.

3. Review the rental company:

You’ll likely find a number of companies that offer bridal rental services, but you should research them heavily before paying for their services. Customer reviews and ratings are a huge help. Read their comments carefully as well to get a good idea of how others felt their experience went.

4. Timeline

You need to know the timeline between renting the wedding dress and returning it. It might eventually get mixed up with your plan especially if you have to return it immediately after your wedding. For the last-minute bride this may work, but consider if this situation will realistically jive with the plans.

5. Care:

 While you won’t have to pay for dry cleaning, you will have to take special care with the gown. If you cause damage to the dress, you may be expected to pay for the repairs. If the dress is damaged beyond repair, you’ll have to purchase it outright.

6.Consider Your Accessories:

Make sure you find out what additional items are included in the rental. A few shops might include a petticoat and veil, while others may charge a small fee for renting these items. Some places, rent veils or complete sets of wedding accessories.

7. Additional Fees:

Consider things like shipping, pressing, post-wear cleaning, etc. when it comes to renting a dress—some of these might be built into the cost, but make sure you understand exactly what will be extra so you’re not slapped with several thousands of naira worth of fees. One thing you will save on with renting is preservation since you won’t be keeping the piece after your wedding day.