How To Talk Dirty To Turn Your Man On


Dirty talk is an often overlooked but very powerful aspect of eroticism. It activates the imagination, supercharges sexual polarity, and adds a steamy air of liberation to your naked shenanigans.

Just like sex itself, dirty talk is something that needs to be calibrated to whoever is receiving it. Maybe something that you qualify as ‘dirty talk’ is something the other person might find offensive, silly, or straight up insane, and vice versa.

The most powerful thing it does is that it keeps your man thinking about you.

By using dirty talk in more subtle, indirect ways, your man will never be quite sure what you mean and as a result he will end up constantly thinking about you and what you said. This is crucial for keeping him attracted.

Secondly, talking dirty is incredibly hot and arousing to your man if you do it the right way. As you can probably guess this makes it great to use if you want to make sex hotter and more enjoyable than usual.

How To Talk Dirty

Lastly, what talking dirty to your guy does is build sexual tension. Sexual tension is crucial if you want to prevent your relationship from getting boring.

How to talk dirty effectively, many people think that it’s what they say that makes the difference, but the truth is that it’s actually how you say it.

Think about this for a moment: if you turn to your man with a goofy grin and in a squeaky voice you quickly say, “I want you so bad,” then it’s going to sound a little weird.

But, if you slowly walk toward your man, put your hand on his chest and look seductively into his eyes before using a sultry, sexy voice to whisper in his ear, “I want you soooo bad right now” — then it’s going to turn him on almost immediately.

How to talk dirty before sex:

Most times I just start chatting normally then divert… Baby I miss you…

I just feel like feeling your big dick inside me right now

I’m so wet just thinking about your touch on my clit…

Those soft lips sucking my pussy drives me mad…

He’ll have a hard on till he gets home… I’m your personal whore

I need you right now.”

I get so turned on just thinking about the last time we made love.”

I feel so weak and turned on at the same time when I’m in your arms.”

I want to give you the best oral sex you’ve ever had.”

I want you to slowly kiss me from my lips, down my neck, onto my breasts and all the way down my body.” (feel free to reword this to something even dirtier if you’re comfortable.)

I just want to be used by you tonight. Can I be your personal toy?”

Feeling you on top of me and in control is the hottest thing ever!”

I never want you to stop, it feels so good.”

I want you to finish wherever you like.”

How To Talk Dirty

Remember To Think About These Things And The Way You Deliver The Lines Must Be Effective:

  • Your voice. Sometimes a deep and soulful tone is great for building sexual tension and keeping him thinking about you, while other times a more excited, varied tone works great for turning him on.
  • How fast or slow you talk. Speaking slowly is almost always more powerful than speaking quickly when talking dirty.
  • Your body language. If you tell your man, “I love your butt in those jeans” but you are not even looking at him and your body language is completely closed off, then he’ll know that you don’t really mean what you are saying. But if you maintain eye contact and are facing him and touching him — then it’s going to much more effective.