Another Suicide Attempt Over A Rich Dude Along Badore In Lagos




A Colleague came to the office and talked about how his neighbor attempted suicide because of her rich dude. Lets officially Start the gist.

So on Monday morning which was 17th Of June 2019 my colleague named Christopher came and narrated how he almost lost a friend and neighbor called Debbi, he says

” Sunday night i was at the gate along Ado Road when i saw someone flag me down but based on the fact i was tired and needed to rest i ignored and drove into the compound where i saw the lady Debbi sitting in front of her flat looking dull and clumsy i walked up to her and asked how she was she just kept mute, i asked her what the problem was, she said she was sick so i made jest of her and said you too dey sick.

Later i went to my apartment to get refreshed when another neighbor from the same compound called me and asked if i heared what happened i said no i did not hear anything, he then said Debbi drank snipper. I was shocked and asked him why what happened in fear he said,because of her ex hubby who deceived her and took custody of her kids and not letting her see them.

But Thank God For the intervention of her friend who got there on time,she was worried  when she refused to pick her calls. The mother called her friend and asked if she has heared anything from her friend that she as tried calling her several times but not picking. Her Friend then took actions by going to her place when she saw the snipper bottle on the floor after she had consumed the content mixed with Vodka  it was an horrible experience, now she is doing well and responding to treatment”.

” Immediately i went to the hospital with my neighbor to check on her and encourage her not to give up and fight. I reminded her of her age (30 years) and told her to imagine how disappointed her children and mother will feel. Well thank goodness she is back to the house and doing fine.

Friends can u imagine killing yourself for a man based on say he break my heart?,,,God forbid.

Abeg i cannot come and die,,,yes o na de latest stori i get for una today from ur baby girl Vanilla d fine girl see u again sooooon. Muahhhhh


Source Valerie Onyike

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