Style Guide: 5 essential outfits for concert attendees


What are the ultimate essential outfits for concert attendees?

This is the season of many concerts and shows, and knowing the right things to wear makes all the difference.

Take any concert or show except dinner parties as if you are going for a hike because you will move around a lot.

Except you want your toes matched, pressed and bleeding, comfortable shoes, and not slippers or sandals, are a prerequisite for all concerts.

Sneakers and boots are essential, but the best footwear is black leather boots.

If you wear white shoes, do not be shocked if you do not recognise them anymore after concerts.

You should never be seen carrying a handbag or a bag pack at a concert. A fanny pack should be around your waist containing your phone, cash, and your ATM cards.

You should not be seen wearing chinos, jeans, or long gowns at a concert. The number of people in the venue will have you feeling hot soon, except it is a dinner-like concert, if not, wear shorts for mobility and ease.

Wristwatches fall, bracelets get snatched. The less jewellery you have, the easier you can move, the less you are afraid of it being lost or stolen.

Take a jacket or sweater along for when the concert is over, especially if it ends late at night. It might be cold at that time.

These tips do not mean you should not look your best at concerts, but put your comfort above everything else.