Spotting Versus Period: How To Tell The Difference

How to Tell The Difference Between Period Blood And Spotting

 The woman’s body is very complicated as well as delicate and should be understood.
Sometimes, when you notice a change in your system, you may assume it is one thing whereas, it is a sign for another.
A good example is the appearance of blood from the vulva especially when you are so sure that it isn’t that time of the month for it to show up.
According to Taraneh Shirazian, M.D., an ob-gyn at NYU Langone, “Not all bleeding is menstruation. I get asked about spotting a lot. People often get concerned when they’re shedding cells at another point in their cycle.”
Spotting can be caused by something as simple as stress or new birth control, or as complicated as an infection, polyps, fibroids, or pregnancy. “There are so many causes for spotting, which is what makes it unpredictable,” Shirazian says.

Now, the question that could cross your mind is how to differentiate between when you are on your period and when you are spotting.

“We call spotting basically a little bit of bleeding,” says Shirazian. “It’s just less in amount and less in number of days.”

Spotting, unlike your period, lasts maximum of two days and doesn’t require the use of pads, tampons and the ‘heavy-blood storage capacity materials’, generally. Spotting only requires the usage of pantyliner.

On the other hand, your period could last for up to a week with a higher blood flow rate capcity, which can be suspended or sustained in pads and tampons.

Spotting can occur when you are on a new birth control medication. Some women ingest medics to skip their period, preventing pregnancy from occurring. In such cases, spotting can be observed.
 “Both the IUD and the implant have a spotting profile,” says Shirazian.


Note that- Spotting for the first, for those who are close to menopause should quickly go for a check up especially when it keeps re-occurring. While observation of spotting for those who has passed the age of bearing children{post-menopause}should also go for a check because such signal isn’t proper and calls for medical attention.