Son Nearly Sent His Father To An Early Grave After Catching Him In Bed With Another Woman


A 21-year-old man allegedly attacked his father with a machette after he caught him red handed with another woman.

According to reports, the incident happened somewhere in Cross River.

It was gathered that the victim was attacked by his first son when he caught him in bed with a single mother of two.

The son reportedly came to the scene with his mother after they were alerted by a neighbor.

When they got there, the mother dragged her husband’s lover and started slapping her on the face. The cheating husband tried to separate the pair who were fighting each other and out of anger, gave his wife a hot slap. This got the son angry as he picked up a machete and hit his father on the neck with it.

The angry son narrowly missed the carotid artery and jugular veins in the neck” the reports claimed.