Son Grabs Gun And Shoot Robber After Family Attacked In Family Home Invasion


A man shot a person who broke into his house in the head while two others who broke in got away, police said.

The situation unfolded late April 9 into April 10.

The Houston Police Department told KHOU that three suspects pistol-whipped a father as he arrived at the house on Quail Meadow Drive, forcing him to let them inside.

As the man’s two daughters hid in a closet, the trio ransacked the home.


The girls, one 21 and one a minor, hit a panic alarm during the home invasion.The suspects eventually found the girls.

Soon after, the family’s son arrived at the home with his mother. He noticed something was wrong and grabbed his gun. He fired at the trio as they were leaving the property, hitting one, who was armed, in the head.

The other two jumped on top of the hood of the mother’s car while she and another juvenile were still inside; she quickly reversed and drove away, locating a police officer at a nearby Whataburger,

The remaining suspects then stole the father’s vehicle, a gray minivan, and fled the scene.

According to KHOU, citing the police, none of the three suspects fired a shot, but Fox 26 reported that the son exchanged gunfire with the suspect he ultimately hit.

The suspect who was shot in the head was taken to the hospital but later died from the wound. The father was also taken to the hospital for treatment for his injuries.

Anyone with information was asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.