S*x With Someone You Don’t Live With is Illegal in UK from Today As Govt Issues New Lockdown Rules


The lockdown and social distancing norms in view of coronavirus pandemic has brought about several changes in our lives. For Britons, the months of lockdown means that six in 10 people haven’t had sex during this time.What makes situation even more grim for them is the new guideline which bans two people from different households from gathering in any private place. “No person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place indoors, and consists of two or more persons,” the guidelines say. Earlier guidelines did not mention private places.

The report cited a study which said that just 39.9 per cent of UK adults have been ‘sexually active’ during the coronavirus crisis. The social distancing norms have rendered a blow to people’s love lives.

However, the experts are saying that the government should encourage adults to have sex in lockdown for the good of their physical and mental health.

Researchers from the universities of Anglia Ruskin and Ulster are studying the impact of current guidelines on relationships of nearly 900 adults.

Lead authors of the study Dr Lee Smith and Professor Mark Tully called on the government to promote sexual activity to keep older Britons in particularly healthy in both body and mind, along with advice to stay alert, social distance and wash hands regularly.

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