RRS – Boutique Owner And A Conductor Arrested For Selling Hard Drugs In Lagos


Men of the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad (RRS) have arrested two suspects, Olukoya Ayodele and Victor Godwin, for allegedly peddling hard drugs in the Alausa area of the state.

The suspects were arrested following a tip off. The operatives posed as potential buyers of the illicit drugs and arrested the suspects.

While being paraded, the suspects stated that they buy and sell different types of drugs, including hemp, skunk, Tramadol, Refnol, Diazal, among others, to factory workers within the vicinity.

When interrogated, 30-year-old Victor Godwin who runs a boutique, said he sold the drugs to factory workers who used the banned substance to boost their energy.

“I sell hard drugs to factory workers who use the drugs because their work is energy-sapping. I sell one capsule of Tramadol for N300, while hemp and skunk are sold for N100 respectively. The drug business is very lucrative, but I regret involving myself in it.” Godwin said

The other suspect, 26-year-old Ayodele, said he ventured into drug peddling after he started making very little returns as a bus conductor. He disclosed that he made over N3.6m annually from peddling the drugs.

“I use all these charms to protect myself from getting killed by rival cults. I learnt how to make charm from my father, who is an herbalist. So, it was easy for me to prepare various charms for myself and friends.

“After graduating in 2015, I came to Lagos in search of greener pastures. I first worked in a factory, but I left the work because it was too stressful. I later began to work as a conductor in the same area and added drug peddling to the job to augment my low income as a conductor.

“I make over N3.6m annually from the sale of hard drugs. I have been in the business for the past three years. The charms also helped me to transact my business and prevented me from getting caught by security operatives.”he said