A 14 year old girl has been reportedly married off to a Benue state-based prophet.




14-year-old girl reportedly married off to 50-year-old Benue based prophet (photos)

Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, who shared the story online and is working to rescue the girl, told LIB that the girl was handed over to the clergyman since last year and he has kept her locked up in his house. The girl found her way out recently and was able to inform their neighbors that her parents gave her out in marriage to the clergyman.

”Her name is Nonye, from Kwale, Delta State. She was handed over to a 50yrs old Prophet by her own parents. She was handed off in marriage by her parents last year. The girl found her way out of the man’s house and spoke with the neighbors whom she told that she was handed over to the prophet in marriage against her wish”.

Harrison says efforts are being made to rescue the victim…

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