Covid 19 Relief Efforts Pave The Way For More Local Production And Collaboration.


Manufacturing locally offers greater control, shorter turnaround and more sustainable alternatives to single use PPE.

PPE production could boost Garment industry employment and offer an alternative income stream for factories reliant on struggling fashion Brands.
Global PPE shortages highlight the importance of local production, so that countries are not reliant on external sources for critical supplies.

As store closures point to an uncertain future for apparel factories, switching to essential products like Medical work wear could offset the Negative impacts, providing a more stable income stream and bringing new blood into Garment production.

Nmaclothingco mobilised with speed over 100 tailors and still in search of 200 more tailors to produce Medical Work Wear for the local African Market with exportation already in Motion.

The Company confirmed that it was able to develop a sample , purchase the raw materials and re adapt the production line within just one week.

It considered the flexibility and rapidity typical of the fashion business to be a key asset, in addition to the full commitment of its top management.

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