Relationship Tip As We Wrap Up The Year 2019


Don’t be too fast to quit your relationship because you see some bad behaviors in your partner; the truth is that we all are humans. No human is perfect and there is no human being that does not have one or two comas.

When you observe some characters you don’t like in your partner, do not quit the relationship instantly, rather, correct him or her; counsel him or her. Do not expect your partner to change immediately after you corrected him or her.

Give him or her some time to change gradually; change is a slow process. Be patient. This is the mistake that many people make. When they notice an ugly behavior in their partner, they quit the relationship.

It is very wrong. It doesn’t show maturity. Mature people don’t quit relationships like that; they give their partners time to change gradually and then tolerate each other.

If you keep on searching for a perfect person to marry, then you will keep searching forever and end up not getting married; this is because a perfect person does not exist; a person that has all the qualities you want does not exist.

All you need to do is to correct your partner. However your manner of approach when correcting your partner matters a lot.

Do not correct him or her with a harsh voice or tone; correction should be done wisely with a soft tone without hurting your partner. Correct with love.

Remember: the devil you know is better than the Angel you don’t know.
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