Red Light Zone: Satisfying Your Partner (Video)


Good sex comes from understanding how your body works. Everyone has different sex drives and likes different things when it comes to sex, so don’t worry about whether you’re “normal.”

Sex isn’t one size fits all. What feels good to you might not be right for someone else. Everyone’s different when it comes to sexual behaviors and desires, but here are some common kinds of sexual activity:

  • masturbating alone or with a partner
  • oral, vaginal
  • kissing
  • rubbing your bodies together
  • using sex toys
  • phone sex or “sexting”
  • reading or watching porn
  • sex talk, or “talking dirty” during sex

People get turned on by different things, so communicating about what you like or don’t like allow your partner know what’s OK and what’s off limits.

Watch video below….

18+ Sexual Pleasure for Male and Female

Know how to sexually satisfy your partner with this short video with Amara. Share your questions and comments in the comment section.

Posted by GlobalTake on Wednesday, October 23, 2019