Qualities Women Look Out For In Men


Chances are that if you’re a man reading this, you’re single and hoping to update your arsenal on what to do to catch those ladies or if you’re in a relationship, you’re looking for ways to thicken that relationship. Alternatively, if you’re female, you’re trying to see if we ticked the boxes.

Look at them and tell us if we did

1. He should be rich or well-to-do at least

money-make-it-rain gif


2. And be good in bed

 3. And generous

Obama Money Gif

4. And faithful

Obama Oh yeah Gif

5. And respectful

6. And be strong

7. And romantic

Office romance

8. Not to forget street smart

Lagos state bus transit

9. And handsome

10. And bearded

11. And reply her messages before she sends it

Girl texting

12. Not to forget to be supportive

Yass gif

14. And be intelligent


15. Should not even complain about her

16. And be interesting

dance gif

17. And creative when it comes to everything about her (read gifts and surprises)






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