Poetry – The Preacher’s Kid


    She’s the preacher’s kid,

    The one that lived blindly,

    The one that lost her way

    Lost but didn’t know.

     The preacher’s kid,

    That fell from grace,

    And didn’t understand the race,

    She ran at her own pace.

     The preacher’s kid,

    Looked up to,

    Pressured by being perfect.

    A preacher’s kid naturally hated by people,

    A kid that never knew her way,

    Cold, depressed, clouded by fantasy,

    Messed up by the wrong life,

    Beauty hidden by taboos,

    Living a scripted life.

    She was just a preacher’s kid,

    That left home.

    Now I’ve found the preacher’s kid,

    That was found out by love,

    That found grace,

    That moved from the outside,

    That came back home

    A preacher’s kid

    That found love in her

    Though bashed she was not barred,

    She found the reason for her smiles

    She painted her world and made it beautiful

    Even if it took tears and pain

    She grew and now she knows

    A preacher’s kid who became a preacher?

    Not just a preacher but a princess that she is

    A poem by Temitoria



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