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New Heart Breaking Details Emerge About Alexis Crawford’s Death


Many are still trying to process the senseless murder of Clark Atlanta University student Alexis Crawford, allegedly at the hands of her roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend. As both suspects remain in police custody and charged with her murder, new disturbing details have surfaced about what happened on the night of her passing.

New courts documents have revealed the devastating details about Alexis Crawford’s murder on Halloween night in Atlanta, just minutes away from the college campus where she was in her senior year. As @AJCNews reports, after Alexis was strangled to death allegedly by her roommate Jordyn Jones’ boyfriend Barron Brantley, her remains were put inside a plastic bin that was dumped at a park in the city of Decatur, according to the criminal complaint from Fulton County Superior Court.

Earlier in the evening Alexis and her roommate Jordyn reportedly got into an altercation that turned physical. This led to Jordyn’s boyfriend Barron getting involved and sadly choking Alexis, but new details state that Jordyn smothered Alexis with a trash bag before Barron dumped her body. As you’ll recall, Alexis had prior issues with Barron and filed a police report stating that he was touching and kissing her without her consent.

Despite previously telling the Crawford family that she didn’t know where Alexis was and was hoping for her return, Jordyn eventually led local Atlanta police to her body in a Decatur, Georgia park. Shortly after, Barron allegedly confessed to killing Alexis. They are both currently in jail, charged with murder and held without bond.

We continue to keep the entire family and friends of Alexis Crawford in our prayers.