Never Forsaken

    Source: Wild Magazine

    Whatever the fight is, know this, you are not alone because He will never leave you or forsake you.

    Don’t stay tonight
    You only let my mind wander
    You have been there all along
    I just refuse to pay you any attention

    It’s guilt you fight
    The looming doom they prophesied
    The whispers that your heart can fight

    Is it the one of a premature seed growing in me?
    Of the thoughts that I can’t stand to bear?
    Of the fear that is fast on my heels?

    I am sorry you’re scared
    But I told you it was just a scare
    All fluke and false

    Tell me another tale
    Now I suddenly can’t hear myself
    Its a choice I made, I don’t want to hear it

    You can’t fight the feeling
    So you let it stay
    You can’t be mad at yourself

    Hey! Stop there!
    You can’t tell me how to feel
    It took me so long to get here

    Surely not by yourself
    I have always been here for you
    Watching and waiting in line

    I feel it, a seed is growing
    Right here
    Right now…

    C’mon it’s a figment of your imagination
    You’re hurt and burnt
    Your heart is sore

    Is that the excuse you’ll give me?
    That my mind is not right?
    That I’m mad as hell?

    Hell has its fury
    We can have this discussion all day
    But I won’t leave, not now

    They always do
    Don’t give me those petty talks
    It hasn’t worked so far

    The more reason I stay
    One day, you’ll see clearly
    That I have loved you enough to last you a lifetime

    Oh! Silly talk
    I know how this love thing works
    Don’t bother, I’ve resigned

    Silly you,
    I know you to never give up
    Don’t be too sure

    I’m just weak right now
    Fragile to throw words with you
    I fight a lost battle

    You’ve never lost a battle
    You are not planning to and
    You certainly won’t

    Go, go, leave me for tonight
    I’ll be just fine
    Let me spend time with me

    Remember my promise?
    To never leave you or forsake you
    To be with you even till the end? I’m always here.

    A poem by Temitoria



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