My Mothers Wish, Episode 1


Five month after my fathers death,I my siblings and mother went about with our normal day to day activities.

My name is Chigozie am from Anambra State am 28 years old the first of three children, i have two siblings named Chinonso and Maria, Chisom is 18 years old in ss3 while Maria is 16 in ss1 both sibling attend the same secondary school in the East, my mum own a petty trade were she sells fruit in a popular market in Onisha, am a cultist but also run a business in the same Market (Onisha). Been that am the first Son, after my fathers death i took up responsibilities.

Trouble started when mama came back from the market and started complaining of headache and body pain. Chinoso and Maria were in the compound playing when they saw mama come back from the market,they rushed to her and carried the thing she brought for dinner.

Chisom & Maria: Mama welcome

Mama: ehn ehn how are you and how was school today (both response Fine mama)after 5 minute mama seen complaining of headache,body pain then collapsed

Maria: Mama what is it? (she screamed and called Chisom, he rushed in and helped mama get on the bed and dashed out to call Chigozie from his shop where he sells electronics).

Chinoso: brother brother!!! (panting heavily) come quickly mama collapsed.

Chigozie: what happened, how did it happen ,ok wait let me close my shop. Both dashed out to see mama, getting there mama had woken up shivering seriously, mama was rushed to the hospital,after so many test done by the doctor on duty the result stated nothing was wrong with her.  I became alarmed and asked the doctor how is that possible.

Doctor: We carried out series of test but found nothing (doctors bring out the test and shows Chigozie, Chigozie in a confused state took mama back home)

After so much thinking Chigozie took mama to different traditional doctors,churches and even mosque still no positive response, Mama then asked her children to sit down so she could give her final farewell .

Mama: My children God bless you for all your effort in making show i get well,i appreciate thank you, you know that this world is a wicked one,a place were no one wants to see you happy you have to be united always and learn to forgive one another,Chigozie,yes mama please take good care of your younger once make sure u are always there for them, and lastly when i die please burry me inside the house, your father was buried outside that is why i am sick, they used the sand from his grave to make me sick and never get well i want you to promise me you will fulfill all my wishes.

Cigozie: Mama i promise i will do as u say.After that Mama gave up.

Watch Out For Episode 2 On how my mothers wish made me loss every thing

Source Valerie

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