Mother Charged With Murder After Dropping Infant Daughter During Car Park Fight [Photos]


A mother has been charged with the murder of her child after she allegedly dropped her infant daughter while fighting with another woman in a car park.


According to prosecutors, disturbing CCTV footage shows Karen Harrison, wearing a red top and matching head scarf, holding her three-month-old daughter in her arms as she got into an altercation with the other woman.


A fight soon broke out and the woman hits Harrison with her shopping bag around the head, close to the baby. Immediately, Harrison drops the baby and both women start fighting, police say.

An eyewitness is seen carrying up the child, who had already suffered an injury.


The baby was taken to hospital the next day and Harrison is said to have lied to doctors about how she became injured. She claimed the baby fell from the arms of a family friend.

The baby later died from her injuries and the child’s mother was arrested.