Dad’s Final Moments Before Passenger Stabs Him 18 Times



Lee Pomeroy, 51, was knifed to death by Darren Pencille just minutes after he had boarded a train from Guildford, Surrey, to London Waterloo in January. The court was also shown a video of Lee’s son giving a statement to the police about his father’s final moments. The boy said the row started after Pencille was ‘impatient’ to get past them and his father wasn’t the sort of man to ‘let it go’ or ‘roll over’. The boy said: ‘I think the guy [Pencille] was a bit impatient. The time it took was about four or five seconds. I would say he was walking briskly. But he had to slow down, he had to stop.’ CCTV footage captured the row

Lee Pomeroy last moments Picture: British Transport Police METROGRAB

Lee Pomeroy, 51, was stabbed 18 times Pencille then said ‘ignorance is bliss’ as he walked past them, causing Lee to respond ‘shut up’, the boy said. The defendant is then said to have told him: ‘Man, I hate men like you’ and Lee replied the same. Lee’s son added: ‘The guy, I think he said “suck your mum” and then my dad said “I did yours last night”. ‘I think that annoyed the guy because the guy said “come on, get off at the next station”, something like that.


And my dad took that as a threat so he got up with a clenched fist.’ He can be see pointing his finger towards Lee and his 14-year-old son. Lee’s son said his dad was not the type of man ‘to let things go’ The boy said Lee and Percille went into the next carriage and he could hear shouting but not what was said. He said he looked through the doors but could only see them gesturing at each other and did not see the fight start. He then approached his dad after the clash. He said: ‘When I walked up I could see the blood so I was like, okay that looks bad, and I could see blood down the side of his face. ‘I asked my dad what happened and he just said “he punched me”.


He wasn’t even looking at me.’ Court artist sketch of Darren Pencille   Lee’s wife Svetlana wiped away tears as a jury watched the footage of the horrific attack at the Old Bailey today. Svetlana remained, but members of their family walked out of the public gallery as the video played. A clip shows Lee and Pencille just moments before he pulls out a knife and stabs him in the neck. Pencille denies murder and insists he was defending himself. He can be see pointing his finger towards Lee and his 14-year-old son. The court heard he accused them of blocking the aisle. The pair moved into another carriage on the train as it travelled to Clandon train station and can be seen gesticulating at each other in a heated row.

Pencille then pulls a knife from his pocket and plunges it into Lee’s neck – just five minutes after the three had boarded the train. Giving evidence today investigating officer DC Mark Farmer said: ‘The injuries you can identify where they potentially occurred from the CCTV. ‘It is a quick and frenzied attack.’ His wife Svetlana Pomeroy was in court when the video was played to the jury. The wound to Lee’s neck opened his jugular vein and carotid artery. Pencille struck 17 more blows as the unarmed father tried to defend himself. Other passengers can be seen fleeing the carriage as blood pools around the door area where the two men are grappling. As Lee staggers away from Pencille he collapses into a seat and can be seen panting heavily. Pencille, still holding the knife, appears to fold it so only the blade is showing and picks up his possessions including a pair of sunglasses and a hat which had fallen off during the fight. He can then be seen fleeing the train as it pulls into Clandon train station The trial continues.

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