Mistakes Guys Make When asking Her Out


Traditionally, it is beloved that the man is supposed to take the bold step, even if a lady likes a man, he MUST be the first to approach her, though things are changing now.

Some guys were born with the talent of toasting girls, while some suck at it, others are just shy. Guys make a lot of mistakes in the process of winning a girl over, some of these mistakes would be discussed.

The first mistake is faking your identity. Many guys are guilty of this, you want a woman to admire you, so you lie to her, you paint this non-existent image of yourself to her so she could be impressed. While asking a girl out, be yourself, do not try to impress her, let her see your true nature and make a choice to either be with you or not.

Also, some guys spend a lot of cash in the toasting process. Spending on your boo to be is not a sin, but too much of it is not advised. Why? Firstly, you may be sending the wrong signals and this may cause her to love you, cause of the money only, once you stop spending, then it is over. Additionally, some guys do not have money as such, they even borrow to impress the girl, forgetting that when you started spending from day one, it means you will spend until the end. Some girls with greedy friends could also capitalise on that.

Lastly, some guys are fun of using pick up lines. “Oh baby, you fell from the sky”, and the likes, please just stop this, it puts ladies off.

The key to winning a woman is being yourself, that’s all there is to it.



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