Men: Here Are Thoughts Every Woman Has In Mind During S3x

Men: Here Are Thoughts Every Woman Has In Mind During S3x

Women are busy beings as well as multitaskers.

They are unique beings that focuses on what you have not even pondered on in your entire life.

The funny part is how far and fast they seem to think even during sexual intercourse. While the men are enjoying the sex ride, the ladies are busy with a lot of things on their mind.

Here are thoughts that go through a woman’s mind during sex.

1. He is not all that.


2. I wonder if he likes my lingerie, why hasn’t he said anything?


3. Do I look fat? Should I ask him to switch the lights off?



4. Damn, he really knows what he is doing.

short skirt

5. Definitely better than my last.

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6. My legs are tired but I can’t tell him that. It’s not sexy.



7. Am I too loud? Do I sound good?


8. How can I impress him?

9. Am so hungry, wonder what I will eat after this.



10. This guy must watch a lot of porn.


11. He talks too much can’t he just shut the hell up?

12. Am getting bored, I have other things to do.


13. Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s already over.