Men Don’t Fall In Love Through S*x – Blessing Okoro


Controversial relationship expert, Blessing Okoro is here once again to drop her two cents on what she thinks about sex and men.

The relationship expert stated that men don’t fall in love through sex. Blessing Okoro further pointed out that men are hunters who like to chase things so ladies should give them something to chase.

Time and time again, Blessing is fond of dropping what she thinks on relationship issues and this time is no different.

Just recently, she came out speaking on the DNA issue between Wazobia OAP, Nedu, and his wife, Uzoamaka Ohiri. Blessing stated that his wife, Uzoamaka should be ashamed of herself. She further pointed out she is not even supposed to be granting interviews as she is supposed to be hiding her head in shame for what she has done. Now she speaks on men and women in relationships and tells the ladies that men do not fall in love because of sec. Taking to the gram, she wrote, Men don’t fall in Love through SEX. Give them something to chase, they are hunters.