Meet The American Man Who Set Himself Ablaze While Protesting For Biafra

Meet the man who set himself ablaze for Biafra

As Biafrans are getting ready to remember our fallen heroes on May 30th 2017 worldwide. One of such hero and martyr is the late Bruce Mayrock.

Bruce was a 20yr old Hebrew student at Columbia university, New York, who immolated​ himself in front of the U.N. building while protesting against the 1967-1970 Biafra genocide.Image result for bruce mayrockBruce doused himself with a flammable liquid shortly and set himself on fire on the lawn outside the U.N. building.

Even when two guards chased him with fire extinguisher while engulfed in flames, Bruce eluded them, whike hundreds of horrified delegates and onlookers watched. He finally fell down to his knees and the guards extinguished the fire.

He was rushed to the Belleone Hospital where he died shortly after midnight of May 30th, 1969, nine hours after he set himself ablaze.

His family said that Bruce worked actively to protest the war in Biafra, writing letters about the war to the president and leading government figures.

He felt that people were being killed in Biafra and no one was doing anything about it.Image result for bruce mayrockHis placard read ” Peace is where there is an absence of fear of any kind.”, “You must stop genocide, please save nine millions of Biafra”

Bruce was a hero and Martyr for a people he had never met or seen. Rest in peace Bruce Mayrock