Man Who Specializes In ATM Fraud Caught And Arrested


Eze Udo was arrested by the men of the Umuahia Central Police Station in Abia State for allegedly withdrawing the sum of N1,049,545 from his victim’s account, following a complaint by the victim, Mr. Oka Monday, whom the suspect stole his ATM card.

Monday was making attempts to withdraw some money from an ATM in Umuahia, when the suspect offered to assist him due network failure.

It was learnt that after attempts to withdraw the money failed, the suspect having memorised the victim’s secret pin number, advised him to follow him (the suspect) to a nearby bank where the transaction might be easier.

However, Udo suddenly absconded with his ATM card and Monday started getting debit alerts. During a police search in the suspect’s house, 13 different ATM cards belonging to different victims were recovered.



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