How My Love Obsession Nearly Crashed My Relationship (Episode 5)


The news of Tony’s accident came as a big shock to Amanda. At that moment, every anger and grudge she had been harboring in her heart for him, died an instant death. Her body became cold and was covered with goose bumps. It was at that point that she realized how much Tony meant to her.


“What happened?” She inquired trembling, “I don’t know, someone just called me with his number to inform me about the accident” her sister said. They hurriedly dressed up and headed to the hospital where Tony was admitted.


They arrived and were fortunate enough to see one of the people that brought Tony to the hospital. “God bless you sir for your kind gesture, please what exactly happened to him?” Amanda curiously asked and the Good Samaritan told her all that happened. Amanda thanked him over again and requested to see Tony but couldn’t because he was being attended to by the doctors in the emergency ward. Tony’s car key and cell phone was handed over to Amanda by the Good Samaritan and she thanked him from the depths of her heart.


Few hours later, a nurse informed Amanda and her sister that they were now allowed to see Tony. “Who’s Amanda among you?” The nurse asked, “I’m Amanda ma’am” she replied, “The admitted patient has been calling your name ever since he woke up and requesting to see you” the nurse said.


That revelation by the nurse, broke Amanda’s heart into tiny pieces. She felt so bad for avoiding Tony all those while and didn’t know when tears started falling off her eyes. “Please can you take me to him?” Amanda requested and the nurse directed them to his room.


Immediately Amanda saw Tony, she rushed and hugged him tightly. “I’m so sorry for abandoning you, I’m so sorry baby; I feel so bad for cutting you off for such a long time. Baby please forgive me, I’m so sorry” Amanda pleaded sobbing.


Tony was slightly hurt due to the accident but was in great pains. He managed to touch her hair and kissed her forehead, “I’m so sorry for hiding your passport. I hate myself every day for what I did to you, please forgive me too” Tony said with tears in his eyes. “Baby I forgive you, I just want you to be ok for me. Please let’s not talk about the past again, it’s by gone” Amanda said and kissed his forehead with tears in her eyes. Her sister, who was watching pitied them and silently prayed for Tony to be discharged in no time.


Fortunately for Tony, he didn’t incur any serious injury so he was discharged the next day. Amanda didn’t want to leave his side for even one second. She still felt guilty and bad for shutting him off because of the passport incident.


Amanda’s elder sister dropped Tony off at his house the next day before heading to work. Amanda stayed back with Tony, in order to take care of him. She prepared food and helped Tony to take his bath. They didn’t talk much because they still felt guilty for the things they had done to each other.


Evening drew near but Amanda wasn’t thinking of going home because she didn’t want to leave Tony all by himself. They cuddled each other on the bed and didn’t want to let go.


After a long while of being quiet, Tony broke the silence. “I’m madly in love with you” he confessed, looking into Amanda’s eyes, “I’m in love with you too” she said and blinked her eyes. At that moment, the pain he was feeling didn’t matter anymore; all he could feel was Amanda’s warm embrace and her lovely breath. He moved her closer and planted a warm kiss on her lips, “I miss and want you” he said and kissed her even more.


Amanda deeply missed him too and couldn’t deny the fact that she wanted him as well. They kissed passionately till Tony grabbed her soft breast. He was intoxicated by her touch and moaning; it made him yearn and crave for her even more. “Oh babe, I misssss youuuuuuu” Amanda said in intense pleasure, as Tony caressed every part of her beautiful body.


The atmosphere was charged and they devoured each other, like hungry lions. They made love and cuddled themselves tightly all through that night.


It seemed as though all was forgiven and a new chapter had been opened. They started to find each other attractive again and worked on their relationship. Amanda fell in love with him all over again and trusted him with her heart for the second time.


Tony was very careful with his dealings and made sure not to betray nor make her regret giving him another chance. They loved each other dearly and cherished their relationship.


Everything went on smoothly until Tony’s obsession took the better side of him again. It happened that Amanda was invited to a wedding and decided to take Tony with her as her date. They had fun all through and showed love to the newly wedded couples with expensive gifts.


Tony was having a good time until her spotted Amanda talking with another guy. At first, he tried to comport himself and not get annoyed but their discussion persisted.


He tried to call her phone but she wasn’t with her phone.

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