How My Love Obsession Nearly Crashed My Relationship (Episode 3)


Love is patient, not easily provoked and it does not keep records of wrong doings.Tony’s sudden emotional outburst was uncalled for and it took Amanda by surprise. She would have never believed in a thousand years, that Tony was capable of doing something like that. It was after the deed had been done that Tony realized what he did.
“Did you just smash my phone on the wall?” Amanda asked, still in great shock. “I’m so sorry baby, I don’t know what took over me” Tony said, “I guess I was just jealous that you were giving more attention to the phone call than to me. I’ll buy you a new phone tomorrow morning” he soberly added.
Amanda was still shocked and tried to fully digest what had just happened. “It’s not about buying me a new phone, it about the fact that you were angry to the extent that you destroyed my property. To be honest, that’s a red flag of violence and I don’t want to ever be with a violent man” she shockingly said. Tony held her hands and kissed it, “I adore you so much; I love you more than life itself and I’m truly sorry for smashing your phone. I would die a thousand times before I ever lay a finger on you; I’m not a violent person but rather, I just want all of you and feel bad when you share my attention with anything else. Forgive me babe and I promise to buy a brand new phone for you tomorrow” Tony soberly said.
Tony’s words had a way of softening the heart of someone. Everything about him looked and felt so genuine and innocent. Amanda accepted his apology and swept her disappointments under the rug. They continued their conversation till it was time for her to go home. “I need you with me, can you please stay the night? This house is big and needs you to fill it up” Tony said as Amanda got up to leave. “I would have loved to stay but can’t because my sister would be expecting my arrival” she said.
After realizing that there was nothing he could do to persuade her to stay, he accepted defeat and took her home. When they arrived at Amanda’s house, Tony opened the pigeonhole of his car and brought out a huge amount of money and handed the money to Amanda, “take and buy whatever you need for this week” he said. Amanda was used to him giving her huge amount of money and didn’t feel the need to accept this one because she hadn’t even used up the one he gave her last.
“Is this a bribe for smashing my phone?” she asked, looking deep into his eyes. Tony smiled and said “No it isn’t, I just want to take care of my woman so what’s wrong in giving you money”. “So what am I supposed to do with it? I still haven’t finished the one you gave me last” Amanda questioned, “Ok then, just give it to your sister or whomever you please. I love you but have to go now” Tony said and put the money inside Amanda’s bag.
They finally bid goodbyes to each other and parted ways. As Amanda walked inside her compound, she couldn’t help but wonder about all that happened back at Tony’s house. “I’m sure he had a bad day today and probably transferred aggression towards my phone” she consoled herself as she knocked at the door. Her sister opened the door after two knocks, “It’s late you know, were you with Tony?” her sister enquired, “yes I was with him and he gave me something for you” Amanda said and handed the money to her sister.
Love Obsession
“Ah ah! All this money for me, ehya God bless him” Her sister said as she danced in excitement. Amanda smiled and retired to her room.
All through that night, she couldn’t sleep well as her mind was filled with thoughts from what happened back at Tony’s house. In as much as she tried to ignore what happened and move on, she just couldn’t. “He’s scary when angry, I never would have thought he had a side of him that wasn’t too pleasant” she said to herself as she cuddled her pillow. It took a while before Amanda finally went to sleep.
On the other hand, Tony wasn’t feeling too good about himself. He kept accusing himself for being a monster and a loser, “you only just got her and this is what you do huh” he said as he punched the living room wall. He was angry with himself for smashing Amanda’s phone and kept punching the wall.
Tony was at a point of emotional melt down and couldn’t stop blaming himself for what happened earlier. He punched the wall so hard till his fingers bruised badly; he felt so much pain as a result of that and decided to slow down on his anger. He groaned in pain and used a cloth to wrap his fingers in order to prevent blood from dripping on the floor. After a little while of being in distress, Tony finally laid his head to rest and fell asleep.
Just as he promised, Amanda received a brand new phone the next day. She was kind of excited because her smashed phone was beginning to get faulty, so she was glad it had been replaced. “Thank you, but promise not to smash this one too” she jokingly said and Tony laughed. “I promise” he said and gave her a tight hug.
There was no doubt that Tony loved Amanda, but the only issue was that the love he had for her was out of reasonable control. “Now I understand what you meant when you said you love hard” Amanda said, still wrapped in his warm embrace. “Shots fired! Please don’t go there” Tony replied smiling.
They both laughed and shared a passionate kiss afterwards. It was after they were done kissing, that Amanda realized that he had a bandage on his hand, “what happened to your hand?” she curiously asked, “I fall last night and hit it on my couch” he lied.
Amanda was worried and enquired if he had visited the hospital but he told her not to worry, that everything was fine. Amanda was still worried but had to let it slide since he said all was fine.
After the phone incident, Tony was careful on how he acted around Amanda. He tried to curtail his obsession for her. Time flew and their relationship looked like it was headed towards the right direction but was it truly so? We would find out.
The company Amanda worked for promoted her to a higher level and it required for her to travel for a 4 weeks retreat. She broke the happy news to everyone, including Tony and they were all happy for her, or so she thought.
Unknowingly to her, Tony was deeply disturbed and angry that she would be away from him for 4 good weeks. He always put up a happy countenance whenever they talked about the promotion and the trip, but deep down in his heart; he wasn’t happy that she would be gone from him, for a short period of time. Tony was greatly disturbed, but never mentioned it to Amanda.
The unthinkable happened when Amanda wasn’t able to find her passport a day before the trip. She had packed her travel things and brought them to Tony’s house so she could spend some thing with him and have him drop her at the airport the following day. It only dawned on her that the passport was missing, when she searched for it in her bag to make sure it was there.
“Where’s my passport?” she confusingly wondered as she searched through her bag. Tony walked in shortly to see her thoroughly searching her bag, “what are you looking for?” he asked, “Baby I’m looking for my passport, it was in my bag when I packed my things” Amanda said. “Have you searched in your other bag?” he asked, “No, ok let me look for it there” Amanda said.
Tony joined her and they searched together but the passport was still nowhere to be found. Amanda cried and Tony comforted her and told her not beat herself up for missing the trip. It was really painful for her to come to terms that she wasn’t going for a trip she has longed for many years to attend. Tony consoled her and she painfully accepted her fate.
The next day came, with the passport still missing. Amanda had to call her boss to inform him about the tragedy that had happened. She cried uncontrollably as she spoke to her boss; he told her that it wasn’t the end of the world and that she should be happy at least, because the promotion was till hers.
It took a while for Amanda to totally get over what happened but she finally did. Life continued and everyone became happy again. Tony spoiled her with gifts to compensate for the trip she missed. She felt beyond blessed to have him by her side but her happiness crashed one fateful day.
On that day, Amanda came visiting and Tony was excited to see her. The played and played till Amanda ran into his room and locked the door. “Open the door nah” Tony jokingly pleaded and she kept laughing. She laid on his bed and sighted a magazine on top of his drawer. She picked it up to read and when she was done, she looked to see if she would see another one but there was none in sight. She tried to open his drawer to check but there was no magazine in the ones she opened, till it got to the last drawer which was locked.
“Where’s the keys” she asked herself and started looking for it. Fortunately, she was able to see the keys inside one of the drawers. She excitedly opened the locked compartment and almost collapsed due to what she saw inside.
Confused and shocked, she said to herself, “this can’t be my passport”.

To be continued….