Life In Dubai

Dubai City

Life in Dubai, the first 2–3 years are great. You are amazed at the Life in Dubai, buildings and the sea, the desert, the culture, the safety, the cleanliness, etc…Then you might start seeing beyond that and find a few things that you do not like that much. Then the whole: “why are we here? how long are we staying? where are we going next?” sets in.Image result for dubai

Life in Dubai, I believe for as long as you find a bigger purpose for living in Dubai you really enjoy the city. A purpose that goes beyond your every day grind and home life, sports for example, or travelling or being engaged in local cultural events and charities, having children, etc…Image result for dubai

Boredom, is a problem as Dubai lacks the environmental stimulation greener countries offer BUT you can go camping in the desert, go for a swim in the sea, or a run in the morning. I have written a list about he misconceptions about Dubai that might help you get a better insight into what the city has to offer when you live there.

Misconception About Dubai

  1. That Dubai can’t grow anything. WRONG! There are many organic farms around that grow tomatoes/lettuce/aubergine/courgettes etc..
  2. That Dubai is all about the money. WRONG! There are many things to do that require absolutely no spending, like a visit to Kite Beach where you can swim and relax, a walk around Dubai Marina to take in all the beautiful towers and yachts that create a stunning backdrop to any photo. Or a visit to the Spice Souk to get acquainted with different herbs and spices….Visit the Public Library or the many free attractions on The Walk where Emaar provides entertainment of magicians/acrobats/singers etc…Work out on the beach using the free machines, go for a run on the amazing running tracks! Go cycling to Nad al Sheba or Al Qudra. The possibilities are endless.
  3. That men suppress women. WRONG! The Federal Government has appointed five women as Ministers in the 12th Cabinet! Education for women is highly encouraged! Women are protected and well respected.
  4. Life in Dubai, That the Emirate only has one agenda and that is making money. WRONG! HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has implemented The Happiness Project to ensure people are genuinely happy in the region.
  5. That there is no public transport system and you have to take taxis everywhere. WRONG! Dubai has a world class tram line that offers leather seated carriages in their Gold Class and beautiful seats in their Silver Class, the driverless Metro has 2 lines now that run from the airport to the other end of the city offering bathroom facilities at almost every station, there is an extensive bus service with AC serviced bus stops as well. Not to mention the RTA (Road Transport Authority) water buses and water taxis that run in Dubai Marina, Garhoud, The Creek, and will run on The Canal, etc.
  6. That there are no animals in Dubai. WRONG! There are many birds including falcons, that have found a way of living in the Emirate, some have the most exquisite blue feathers and the wildlife of oryx and antelopes is lovely. You can keep pets too, there are many cats and dogs in Dubai. Not to mention the exotic animal stores. Oh and the horses!
  7. That you can’t volunteer in Dubai. WRONG! You can volunteer from animal shelters to Rashid Hospital, just need to be persistent and resourceful.
  8. That you’ll only eat falafel and hummus. WRONG! Dubai has amazing restaurants that offer the widest ranging cuisines from all over the world. Many Michelin starred chefs work or have outlets in Dubai!
  9. That everybody lives in towers of flats. WRONG! There are many people who live in villas that offer gardens and a peaceful community setting. There are tons of old dwellings as well as bungalows. Villa = house.
  10. That food is expensive. WRONG! It doesn’t have to be. Go to the fruit and vegetable market to stock up or visit the Fish market in Deira for the freshest catch of the day! Stuff your freezer 2–3 times a month and you’ll be fine! Planning meals is key.